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Anonymous said: A hike in Palos Verdes - around the Terrenea resort is gorgeous - the parking is free and the trails are public access. Also Palos Verdes is a cool place to drive around and get a little lost. The California Science Museum is a bit pricey, but worth it! I would avoid Santa Monica-gets too touristy/crowded for my taste. If you want the beach go to Manhattan/Hermosa/Redondo Beach. A bit more local. Have a wonderful time. :)

Thanks, that is awesome! I wish your weren’t anonymous so I could properly thank you; but thanks none the less!

22 7 / 2014

Anyone who lives in LA or recently visited LA, what are somethings that I should do there?
I am looking for cheap options, and something entertaining for both a 25 and 10 year old!
Also, we both love being active!
An early THANK YOU!
Any ideas?

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Glad to see this familiar face again! @rebeccawierenga

Glad to see this familiar face again! @rebeccawierenga

15 7 / 2014

I had breakfast with an out of town cousin (actually out of country)
I went for a walk with my cousin, aunt, and 3 nieces and nephew.
I bought, prepped, and cut the basics for dinosaur planters I am making (Woot DIY projects!)
I had dinner with the family
I went out on a coffee date (with my friends older brother - started out hella awkward and ended really nicely!)
I ended the night creating 10 Mad Minutes for my unit on Pythagorean Theory and simultaneously watched ‘The Bachelorette’.
Summer life is SERIOUSLY the greatest!!

09 7 / 2014

Decorated the house for the big game! Wearing all Oranje! HUP HOLLAND HUP!!

Decorated the house for the big game! Wearing all Oranje! HUP HOLLAND HUP!!

08 7 / 2014

I don’t know if you know what it is, but it is AWESOME!
Pretty much our city of 1.3 Million semi shuts down and throws one huge ass party.
There is beer, pancakes, and the smell of horse shit in the air!
Also, free food. And a tonne of it!
One year I ate 7 free meals.
Today, I had my first free dinner!!

01 7 / 2014

Spent the day drinking beers in the yard with the family and doing some lawn work.
Spent the evening out with friends drinking in a park watching the fireworks.
Good day!!

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I may or may not have Googled it.

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Quick question, does anyone here use TPT?
Have you sold any material?
Are there any other websites that you would recommend that give you more bang for your bucks?

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Today I hiked a ‘mountain’ and hung out by the beach… It was a good last day!!!

Today I hiked a ‘mountain’ and hung out by the beach… It was a good last day!!!

17 6 / 2014

One from the “pizza man”
One from my “lover”
One to check if my refrigerator was running
And one where when I said “Hey this is Maria” I heard a TONNE of giggles and then was hung up on.

I have now stopped answering my phone.

They also have their number blocked.

This is why I don’t give my number out to students… Middle schoolers just can’t handle it!

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Robin van Persie goal - Spain vs Netherlands 1:5 ~ World Cup

The Flying Dutchman.

This match was incredible. Well done Netherlands (I’m now terrified for Thursday morning but well done nonetheless).

We will crush you and it will be awesome!!! HUP HOLLAND HUP!!!

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-that I know all the words to Disney songs, especially Frozen.
-that I’m unmarried and don’t have kids (definitely not the norm at my school)

That I am not married.
That I don’t want to have kids.

That I know how to make homemade tortillas.
That I have a second, hidden tattoo.

That I really do play ice hockey and I’m actually really good at it.

That I played University soccer for 5 years and that I know a lot of YouTubers.
Oh, also that I cry when I laugh hard!

13 6 / 2014

I don’t know what I am all allowed to discuss legally…
But to briefly summarize it:
- A well known and respected farming family (large family of 8 brothers) in my community is under attack for having employees abuse animals, many of them send their kids to the school I teach at
- Some of those employees are siblings of other students in my class / past alumni from our school
- I teach classes with both siblings of the animal abusers and children of the farm owners. It’s rough!
- Death threats have been given to both the farming family and to the families of the abusers. And people have been caught on their property with weapons.
- One of my classes has had a student expelled for a SERIOUS police issue, it has also caused a riff in my class as half support his victim and half support him. Today I had to shut down a petition to bring him back.
- One family in our school is going through a bad split, there is a restraining order against the dad. He showed up to school this week and had to be arrested and taken away because he wouldn’t leave. In front of his kids, and all their peers.

Plus you know normal end of the year / exams / report card stress…
Seriously though, I am just exhausted!! Mentally and Physically!!